Australian born, Fiona lives in the UK. She has vast experience in writing, producing  and directing theatre and film. Fiona  also consults to businesses on story, creative and marketing, having held senior level business roles in a range of creative businesses,  from Google to Sydney Opera House, Australian Theatre for Young People, Regional Arts NSW, Arts Conservators and National Literacy Trust UK, HG1 Productions, Final Page Productions, Harrogate Theatre and HOME Manchester.

Her experience includes production on professional musicals  Phantom of the Opera, Miss Saigon, Les Miserable and Crazy, directing More Women On Top Theatre Festival, Picasso at the Lapine Agile and Doris Day.

Fiona is on the programming panel at HOME Manchester film festival and holds a Bachelor of Education in Drama and an MA in Scriptwriting(Distinction). She is a judge on NYC Midnight Writers Competition, and runs Harrogate Writers Collective. She has written a number of feature films, plays, and shorts and works with writers in script development and editing.

She has also served as a Non Executive Director at the Australian Theatre For Young People, and  is a Trustee for Harrogate Theatre.

Feel free to get in touch at info@fionageorgiouhunt.com for collaborations, contracting or consulting.

Host, Writer and Producer

The Script Department



Theatre Art Life

Milestone Magazine


Theatre Production Credits

Phantom of The Opera, Theatre Royal, Sydney- Production

Miss Saigon Capitol Theatre, Sydney- Production

Les Miserable, Theatre Royal, Sydney- Production

Crazy For You, Theatre Royal, Sydney- Production


Original Plays

Auto Da Fe (2019)

Undercurrent (2017)

Two Fold (2019)

Pentimento (2020)


Original Films

Launched -Feature Film. (2020)

Gelato Dreams-Feature Film  (2022)

Dupont Takes The Biscuit (2022) Short Film Community Project

Lost And Found -Short Film (2021)

Killing Off Bukowski- Short Film

Buried Images- Short Film


Film & Theatre Directing

Cooking With Elvis (2023)

Doris Day (2022)

Women on Top

Joseph & The Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat

Dupont Takes The Biscuit


Original Fiction

Launched (2018)

Skipping Girl Series (2019)

Standing Girl (2019)

Killing Off Bukowski (2018)

Peas (2018)

Writers Block (2019)