An Unguarded Moment

THOUGHTS ON WRITING. Sometimes it a lyric, a tune, a phrase, the sound of rain on a roof, or often, silence itself that ignites the brain to start to write. It’s hard to know exactly what that trigger is, or when it will strike.

For me, it’s invariably sound related, and it’s often a song lyric, enough to spark a thought or a feeling or an idea.

Alternatively, the other trigger is the complete absence of sound, the absolute stillness of being seems to open a secret door for some character or other, holding a pen, to emerge who starts to write their story.

These triggers seem to float like invisible orbs, appearing from nowhere, unable to be hunted down and caught.

All we have is to wait and let them fall upon us.

Image Courtesy of
Марьян Блан | @marjanblan

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